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How are LRS Large Print School Books made?          How do I order LRS Large Print School Books?
LRS Large Print School Books are custom made-to-order, usually one at a time. If we already have the scanned files of the book stored (search here) then it's easy to go ahead and order here.

But what if we don't have the book you're looking for? Simple, just send us an original and we'll scan it and return it. What if you don't have an original? We can probably get one for you, just contact us at 800-255-5002 or by email.

Will LRS enlarge any book? You bet! Any book! And the first copy, though it  may take a little longer to produce, is the same price/page as all other copies  of this book.

For more details see What? and When?

or call 800 255 5002,

or email us.

Quick FAQ

Cycle time? depending on the time of year 1 -2 weeks, email LRS for confirmation.

Type size? We usually provide 18 - 20 pt. but we can do larger if needed.

Price? search our listing here.

Color or B&W? any book offered in color can also be printed in B&W, should you prefer.

Borrow? sorry, all our books our made-to-order, we have no inventory.

Any book? yes any book, seriously.

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