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What options are available? What are the differences?

The final format of the LRS Large Print book is mainly decided by the type size and page size of the original material.  The page layout and numbering remain exactly the same as in the original.

The goal is to make the type size as large as possible (18 - 20pt.) while keeping the closed book size near to that of the original.  LRS considers type size to be more important than font style in improving readability, so we keep the same fonts as in the original (see Why?)
LRS recommends 20pt. for grades K - 6 and 18pt. for grades 7 - 12, subject to the size of the original material. We can usually provide a larger type size if you have a student who needs this.

The LRS durable hardcover binding is best in most cases, but for certain materials, grade levels and students a spiral or perfect binding may be better.

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LRS has four basic formats available, which depend upon the original material and the student.

Vertical (Calendar) Format

This innovative format, designed by LRS' founder some 35 years ago, remains our most popular. This calendar-style format allows the type size to be enlarged to 18 pt and above while retaining the page layout of the original, and maintaining a small closed-book size, typically 9" x 11".

Horizontal Format

This format is ideal for literature. The horizontal half-page format displays the original page side by side, with the top half on the left, the bottom on the right. This means the book is read like an ordinary book, and also allows an extra large type size of 20 - 22 pt with a typical closed book size of 8" x 8".

Full Page Format

For many lower grade books, especially picture books, it is possible to enlarge the type while keeping the original page intact and a maximum size around 8.5" x 11". Since these books are usually less than 32 pages they are usually spiral bound.

Flip Chart Format

In the case of keyboarding books, or books to be used by multi-disabled students, this flip chart format is ideal. Each enlarged half page is only printed on one side, and the stiff cover, along with the spiral binding, allows the book to stand up by itself and the pages to be flipped over one at a time to read.

LRS has three basic binding methods to choose from.


Our most popular binding is our hardcover library-style binding. It is durable, hard-wearing and lays open flat. Glued rather than sewn, it can even be folded completely back on itself.

Spiral (Plastic Coil)

Ideal for workbooks, above left, or for lower grade books that can be enlarge in a full page format as above right, this durable plastic spiral binding is lightweight and allows books to lay flat and be folded back around. This is also suitable for books with less than 30 pages which are difficult to glue bind.

Perfect Binding (Flexible Laminated Cover)

Upon special request, LRS is able to provide a flexible glued soft cover perfect binding that lays open flat, though it cannot be completely folded back on itself. As durable as the hardcover, it is flexible and lightweight.


Library-Style Juvenile Literature

LRS has published two series of library-style hardcover Large Print books at bookstore prices.

The LRS Heritage Series of Classics includes many familiar titles, several of which are included in school reading curricula, for example:
  • Treasure Island
  • The Call of the Wild
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • A Little Princess

This series of Large Print books has the following features:
  • Extra large type: at least 18 point.
  • Sharp bold print
  • Extra spacing between lines and paragraphs
  • Wide margins
  • High opacity 60# white paper
  • Durable hardcover library bindings
  • Laminated full-color cover
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